Monday, August 18, 2008

Ok. Now What?

Well it's official, We are now a Army Family. Leaving him at the airport was the hardest thing I have had to do so far, but I know that even though we were all a little teary he was ready. I did everything in my power to keep from losing it there in front of him but another Soldier set the mood in motion before Chris ever arrived from the MEPS station.
Chris' stepmom and I were standing there waiting for the bus to bring Chris to the airport and we noticed a young soldier dressed in BDU's coming down the escalator, I think I can speak for both of us that we were instantly lost in the thoughts of how much better it would be if we were there to pick Chris up instead of drop him off. When the Soldier reached the bottom of the escalator his family suddenly surrounded him and we watched as a young lady reached out and placed a brand new teeny tiny lil pink wrapped bundle into his arms. At that moment we both just lost it. I turned and walked one way and she went the other, both of us with tears pouring down our face. The mood was set.
Chris was excited and nervous at the same time. He said he was more nervous about flying alone for the first time than anything. He was the only Army enlistee to ship today but there was a young lady that was National Guard that was flying as far as St. Louis with him so they were assigned to each other as Battle Buddies for the first half of the trip. Chris said that he was suppose to hook up with 2 or 3 other guys once he arrived in St. Louis and they would fly together to Ft. Knox.
I hope that everyone will bear with me while I learn all of the in's and outs of the Army life style and try to figure out what all this new jargon means. Believe it or not there is a big difference between Navy and Army and I have to get use to things like Battalions instead of Companies and Sergeants instead of Petty Officers. If I make mistakes please let me know and I will correct them immediately.
I don't know when I will hear from Chris but I will try to keep everyone posted.
Oh and btw: the boys had started their own blog for Chris. This should be interesting. If you get a chance stop by and show them some love, they have had a rough few days.

Have a great night.

God Bless,


Carla said...

Great now I'm crying.

Be Strong... Be Army Mom Strong


Brittany said...

I am crying, too.

Be Strong! Be Proud! He's doing such an amazing thing! :)

Things happen 4 a reason...good or bad but u learn from both!!! said...

I don't think i could have stood there and watched him leave you are so strong and i hope things get easier for u...but i was wondering if u would please send me your e-mail so i could talk to you about something.