Friday, August 8, 2008

It's MEPS day

Chris went up last night and spent the night at a local hotel. He should have started his physical and other processing an hour ago. I am a bundle of nerves and will be heading up there later this morning for the swearing in process.

So far the recruiter has been shooting straight on everything and I really appreciate that because when I enlisted it was not so. My recruiter attempted to blow smoke every chance he got. Luckily, I came from a Navy family and didn't buy half of what he was selling. Some kids are not that lucky.

We have had a problem the last few days with computer glitches and information breakdown so nothing is definate in the MOS department for Chris yet. He really wants to go 19D Cav Scout but they have to sit down with the counselor at MEPS this morning to make sure this is possible.
It has been frustrating around the homefront because mom (that would be me) and dad (that would be my ex) really didn't want him going to MEPS until he (that would be Chris) knew what he was getting into, but Chris told us he needed to make these decisions and we are doing our best to let him. He has a few other options if this one does not pan out but really has his heart set on 19 D.

I know that todays military is not the same one that I served in and that times are different, and that now this is my child and that makes it harder but what I do not understand is why especially now it almost takes an act of congress to enlist in the military. You would think that they would make it a little easier for these brave souls to go thru this process. I understand that alot depends on the needs of the Army and that recruits need to be matched with their abilities but oh lord we have spent the last few weeks jumping thru hoops around here. Again, I must stress that Chris' recruiter has been excellant, he has not promised Chris the world, no bs, no promises, it has just been frustrating as a mother to watch.

To understand Chris you have to know Chris. He has been dead set on going in the Army for as long as he has known what the Army was. We tried to talk him into setting down with all branches and listening to what they had to offer and he even humored us by making a appointment with the Air Force. He and his dad went down to the Air Force recruiters office, they arrived 15 minutes before his appointment time, they sat outside the locked office for over an hour waiting for the recruiter to show up. After an hour of waiting he went next door and joined the Army. (the Air Force recruiter never did show up). So to make a long story short, this waiting game has been agonizing.

Hopefully he will have some answers in a few hours.

I will let everyone know what happens later this weekend.

God Bless,

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Brittany said...

I didn't even know you had this blog! What a wonderful thing you can do for your son! You should be SO proud! :)

I'll be thinking of YOU and Chris today!! Good luck! :)