Saturday, August 9, 2008

19 Delta Cavalry Scout

Here he comes.
Chris will leave a week from Monday and I know this week will fly by.
He has dreamed of 19 Delta for so long and he is walking on cloud 9 right now.
The MEPS trip Friday was a lesson in patience and I just kept repeating "no news is good news" over and over in my head. We sat in the lobby and watched recruits come and go from one room to the other. As I sat there I couldn't help but remember the day that I enlisted and how scared I was. The mom in me wanted to grab each one of the kids and say "It will be alright". Every once in awhile we would catch a glimpse of Chris walking down a hall or stepping into a open door. We still didn't know if he had 19D or not and we couldn't catch his eye to find out.
After we had been there about an hour, they let him come out and say hi. He told us then that they were still waiting to hear if there was an opening. He had been out there about 10 minutes and we were all trying to make small talk to keep him in a good mood and keep all of our spirits up when we heard someone bellow his name from one of those mystery rooms. When he came back thru he flashed me the thumbs up and could not stop grinning. He disappeared into another room and a few minutes later we were ushered in for the swearing in ceremony. They told us later that someone else had dropped out and that opened up the billet for Chris. The recruiter and counselor did not give up until they had him confirmed. I can not thank them enough for all they have done for him.
Chris has a little over a week and then he ships to Fort Knox, Kentucky for a minimum 16 weeks of BCT and AIT. It is all inclusive so he will start training for his job the same day he starts Basic Combat Training.
I will keep everyone updated.
God Bless,


Missing him said...

Im glad he got 19D what he wanted.

Brittany said...

woo hoo!! :)

Smurfy said...

Hey this is down from where I work. Maybe I will get to see him head out on Monday morning.

ArmyStrong19D said...

Just came across this site on google. Love the site. Just wanted to leave a HOOAH!! for a fellow Cav Scout!! Scouts Out!!

~ PFC Matthew Morris
United States Army

19DcCopperhead said...

19D is the way to play! Hooah! Congrats and Welcome!

Bradley said...

just leaving a HOOAH for a fellow calvary Scout 19D
Stand Tall and Proud

Scouts Out!!!!