Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An update maybe?

My husband was able to call yesterday and set up an appointment to have a land line installed for us so that Christopher will have a way to call home. They will be here on Thursday. WOOOHOOO
So against my better judgement, my husband and dad decided today that they should call the chaplain at Ft. Knox and see if they could get a message to Chris with the new phone number. I was/am afraid that this will result in Chris getting smoked. The chaplain put my husband through to a First Sergeant that assured him that this would not be the case and that they would see to it that Chris got the message. While they were on the phone the 1st Sergeant told my husband that he thought that Chris might still be in reception and would be going to his Platoon on Friday. He said that if they were still in reception that they were PTing twice a day and had plenty of things to do to keep them from being bored. If this is the case, there goes our possible grad date.
I have decided to just go with the flow. When Chris calls I will know what is going on and until then I will just sit and wait. Isn't that the Military way? Hurry up and wait?
I have also turned into a complete sap. Today I started crying because a Army commercial came on tv. I am so hopeless. LOL
I have been spending alot of time here and everyone there is so great, ready to answer any questions or just share their experiences. I do not feel so lost anymore and am learning more and more each day.
I hope that everyone else is having a great day. Any big plans for the upcoming long weekend? I think we are going to stick close to home and I might actually get some scrapbooking done. Next week starts our football season and we will be traveling to games to watch my middle son Kyle who is on the drum line for the band. Our youngest son is still training with his catcher's coach once a week even though baseball season is over for the year. They keep me busy and that is what I need right now.
I have been trying to write at least a one page letter to Chris each night and will be ready to mail them as soon as he gives me the go ahead. Now I just have to hope that he doesn't get smoked for getting to much mail. My husband did set up the phone account with call forwarding so that if we are not home we can forward the calls to my cell just in case.
I guess that is about all the news that is worth reporting so until tomorrow.

God bless,

PS: Tomorrow is Wednesdays Hero. So make sure you check back.


Carla said...

You are doing good so far!!! I'm proud of you!! You are for sure being Army Strong, Army Mom Strong!!!

Love ya
SS Carla

Brittany said...

Yay for the land line! :) Keep that head high! You are doing great :)

liberal army wife said...

he'll be fine, and so will you. The waiting bit - well that's so par for the course! smoking usually, according to my son, was when someone got packages of contraband. Quite honestly he always figured the DI had to have someone to pick on for something.. not always the same guy, but at least one per day!

Glad you are getting the land line. and you have now joined the club of the pat down. "back pocket, front pocket, jacket pocket, purse" repeat as needed.. the cell phone won't be in the right spot.

Take care, I love the boys' blog too, by the way. great idea. with your and their permission, I'd like to talk about that on Parents Zone.


Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

So glad you are getting the land line so quickly...hopefully you will get a call this weekend! Please give Christopher our best too when you talk to him. I wrote to mine each day too & then mailed a big bunch all at once when I got his address. He never got problems over that but he did have birthday while in BCT & my suggestion is not to put anything on the outside of the envelope to let the DI know...mine had to do push-ups for his birhtday.