Thursday, August 21, 2008

A 10 day bonus & why I love the internet.

Thanks to great advice from Some Soldiers Mom , I have been able to track down information that gives us a 10 day bonus. Originally we had been told that Christopher's "proposed" graduation date would be Dec 21 but after a few hours of research I have found out that the graduation schedule has Dec 11 listed. Military Intellegance has nothing on Military Mom Intellegence. LOL
I called his dad to let him in on this tidbit of information along with the address to contact our "Trooper" minus platoon info and his first question for me was do you know his D.I.'s name yet? Which I replied with no but I know his phone number and give me a little more time online and I just might be able to tell you what rack he is sleeping in. LOL. Of course I would never call his D.I. (are they called D.I.'s or cadre's or what? these are things I need to find out) and will not send mail until Christopher calls or writes and lets me know that it is ok but I do feel a little bit better now that I have a tab bit more info. God Bless the internet and the Army Mom's that came before me.
Looking back I can not imagine what my family went thru when I enlisted. There was no internet and all they had to depend on was a postcard that we were given to fill out the day we arrived at Boot Camp.
Dear Mom &/or Dad,
Your son/daughter has arrived safely at recruit training center Orlando safely and will be allowed to receive mail at the below listed address:
The Department of the Navy
And that is exactly the way it was written son/daughter. Wow what a personal greeting.
But now thanks to the internet I can even tell you that it is 82 degrees at Fort Knox and because I have access to little information blips such as this, I am a much happier Army mom today.

God Bless,


Carla said...

Have you found Bin Laden yet, with all your MMI? Glad you are feeling better. I can tell it when I talked to you. You seemed to have a partial load lifted off your chest.

Brittany said...

So glad you have this info and are feeling better! :) Keep your head high!

Some Soldier's Mom said...

isn't a little bit of info such a relief??!! keep in mind, those dates can slip... and your recruit make have to "cycle" (repeat a phase of training) and that can delay the graduation date as well, so don't be investing large sums of money on plane tix just yet...

and there is a "Family Weekend" about 1/2 way through Basic, so keep an eye out for that... if you can make it, do it! they take you through the barracks, they give you a detailed look at the training... and you can take him off base (if he is in good standing) although all they want to do is talk on their cell phones and sleep!) In fact, they ask you not to let your soldier even drive a car because they are so sleep-deprived!

and even at the 1/2 way point YOU WILL NOT RECOGNIZE him! (But the most remarkable transformation is at Graduation!)

Hang tough, Mom... if he's as tough as you, he's got it made!!

liberal army wife said...

Hi there. LAW here, from ParentsZone. Just checking in, and glad that you are doing better. SSM is a wealth of knowledge, and it helps to KNOW, doesn't it?

You take care and hang in there. If there's anything I can do to help, just email at parentszone at