Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let the feast begin

Today is prequel to the day that I have been dreading for most of Chris' life. The "time to fly" day. He is leaving at 5:00 this evening for MEPS and tomorrow will be "ship" day. We will have a short time with him in the morning and then off to the airport.
The Army recently "suggested" the Chris gain a few "battle" pounds, something to do with a few extra pounds in battle are good for you jargon that I attempted to block out, so with that in mind we are hosting the 2008 Christopher is shipping out foodtacular today.
Mo has been working on briskets and yes I mean for that to be plural for several days and I am on side dish overload. All of his favorite foods and even somethings that he may have said once that he liked will be in abundance today.
He has had a busy week, and that only made time fly. He spent time getting his bank account military ready and had to spend a few hours with the recruiters for last minute paperwork and his pre PT test. Alot of brother time was enjoyed by all, thanks to the unspoken ceasefire of normal brotherly "I always wanted to be an only child" warfare, that seems to run rampant around here and he even had the chance to squeeze in a few hours of horseback riding which is one of his passions. Chris has majored in I want to be in the Army all of his life but he has also minored in I want to be a cowboy. I guess that now with Cav Scout he is getting the best of both worlds. Yep my son is going to be a heavily armed professional cowboy. Yesterday his best friend was able to get the weekend off and come to town to spend some quality online gaming fun, I have to laugh when I see these two together sitting across from each other in the same room fighting it out online. I had a scrapbook affair yesterday at the FOP Lodge and the boys came along and spent the evening playing guitar hero on the wide screen and a few hours of friendly pool competition.
I will try to get an update on here tomorrow but it may be later in the week before I am able to compose myself and be ready to share.

Have a great Sunday
God Bless,

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Brittany said...

Best wishes, Chris! :) May you eat your way to fatness! ;) And best of wishes once you're shipped out!!