Monday, September 15, 2008

Ring Ring NOT

Saturday I reported that Christopher had written and said that he thought he would be calling on Sunday and asked me to wait by the phone. So, I waited and waited and waited some more. Unfortunately the phone did not ring, well actually it did several times but it was never him. I had several calls that began with did he call? or has he called? or even call yet? Each time I had to report nope not yet.
But I am happy to report that the one thing Sunday did bring was another week gone. I am still counting the days until we pack up and head to Kentucky for a much needed Family weekend.

I hope everyone has a great week.

God Bless,


Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Hey Tami...

Sorry you didn't get a call...maybe during the week tho. It happens. I was looking at eBay tonite & ran across this...thought you might like.

Carla said...

I know you are disappointed. Hopefully you'll get the call soon.

Love ya

Michelle said...

I really only got 2 calls and I missed the first one. I kept it on my cell phone for a long time and owuld listen to it just to hear her voice. Many other parents talk about how much their kids called. And when you consider how much Shay and I have always talked it amazed me. I only got 1 letter from her too. You are more lucky in that area than I was.

The walk was good. I got interviewed by this college journalism student. It was a beautiful day and we were sweating by the end of the 2 miles.

Hopefully this week you will get the call. Have your home phone forwarded to your cell phone so you don't have to wait by the phone. You do have a life after all.

Tonjia said...

hang in there mom! this will all be over very soon! If the Army is like the Air Force phone calls are not guaranteed, just think. Another week gone!