Thursday, September 25, 2008

He qualified at the range and asked for laundry soap

I am constantly asking Christopher in letters if I can send him anything, I offer cough drops, band aids, moleskin, or aspirin. Anything at all that they will let you have. And yesterday he takes me up on the offer.
After a quick note saying that he has the flu and that he had to do 24 hrs of bed rest because of it and that he also qualified on the rifle range and the usual I might get to call this weekend tease, he adds Mom I need your help, I need shaving cream (gel), toothpaste (any type), black ink pens (good one's) and laundry detergent (small) and the boy even sent funds to pay for all of it with a sweet lil keep the change added in for incentive I guess. LOL
Of course I was chomping at the bit to get off work and head to Walmart to fill this request. Finally something that I could do for him. I have never spent so much time at Walmart debating over purchases of normal every day things. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. I chose and put back more black ink pens before finally choosing the set I thought would qualify as good ones. And now there is a nice little care package sitting on the dining room table waiting for the Post Office to open.
I have to admit I am still a little bit confused by the funds he sent considering that IF I needed them, I do have access to his bank account (something that he does not have) but it did touch my heart that he wanted to pay for them himself.
Only 29 days until I see him again. Not that I am counting. (LOL) and a big HOOAH for the one more thing to mark off the list till graduation Range Qualifying.

God Bless,


yankeemom said...

It's that extra little connection of writing their name on a box you know they are going to open that helps some, doesn't it.
I couldn't send anything except letters to my daughter until she was in AIT. Well, she got a LOT of letters!
Heh, counting days? I made a special calendar!

Smurfy said...

Thanks for posting updates. I try to read every day to keep up with what is going on with Chris. I have started writing a letter, then get side tracked, by the time I remember the mail is gone and it is another day. I guess I could just keep writing every morning until I get a decent letter written, huh.

Lots of love.

Carla said...

Gee why didn't you mention the other letter you got? HAHA

liberal army wife said...

detergent - it's the little things, right?