Saturday, September 13, 2008

The phone might ring

The postman is my friend today because he delivered two letters from Chris.
He said that they are having alot of fighting in his troop and if it continues family day will be cancelled. So please send lots of no fighting mojo their way.
They are still in Red Phase until tomorrow and once they go to White Phase they should get phone calls.
He said he is now certified in CPR and Basic Military Medic stuff (his words) and that his entire platoon was the only one that passed the Lifesaving Course so because of that they are suppose to get 5 minute phone calls tomorrow. He told me to wait by the phone because he was calling me. (Hello child, where do you think I have been since you left? Waiting by the phone I assure you).
So hopefully I will be able to post tomorrow that: THE PHONE DID RING!!!!

Have a good Saturday,

God Bless,


Carla said...

So this I ask.... since his platoon is certified in basic medical did they get to practice on his broken nose?

Hope he calls and hope Family Day doesn't get cancelled I know you've been counting the days.

liberal army wife said...

sending phone call vibes to Knox ~~~~~ooohhhmmmm - call your mother - oohhhhmmmmmm~~~~

let me know if that works.. I'll send that to the kid!


Things happen 4 a reason...good or bad but u learn from both!!! said...

I really hope you get a call 2maro sometime that would be great...and hopefully they quit fighting so family day dont get canclled

Michelle said...

Well,did the phone ring? I am blaming you for another thing that happened in my life. Go check out my post from today (Sunday).