Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Letters from Ft. Knox

We received another set of letters from Christopher yesterday. These were dated Sept 2 and he still had not received any mail, hopefully by now he has gotten some.
He was actually at the Dentist when he wrote my letter and said that they were doing the gas chamber the next day. His spirits seemed to be better and he has been made a Squad Leader. I will not pretend to know what this means but it sounds like something that might be good.
Because he still has not received any mail he has no idea that we are going to be there for Family Day next month and keeps reassuring us that he understands if we can not make it. It absolutely breaks my heart that he thinks that he will be alone that day.
Because of the lack of phone calls and not being able to get answers to questions that I ask in letters, I am lost on his time line and have no idea where he is in his training or what phase he is in. He keeps telling us that they will be graduating in Dec and originally that was the date on his orders and on the Ft. Knox website but now the web site says they are graduating in Jan. The only thing I can figure out is that maybe they will get time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas and the extra few weeks would make up for that time. Hell I dont know, this is frustrating!!!

Oh well I will continue to be ARMY MOM STRONG

God Bless,


Brittany said...

Praying you're going to stay strong! :)

Are you going to send me that address?? I have scrapping goodies, I know you'll want to have! :)

Michelle said...

I was looking at the Fort KNox site and found the calendar. It looks like they mighthave block leave for two weeks which would put the graduation back 2 weeks. Whether the troops get to come home during that time is another story. If they do allow them to go home it will be at their own expense and they will be charged leave. If they choose to stay on site they will probably have details and a bunch of free time.

So what is the Family Day in October? Is that like the transisiton from Basic Training to AIT?

Sure hope he has gotten some mail by now. I hope the drill sergeants let him keep the coin I sent. I never thought about that.

And a Sqaud Leader is a position of leadership. They are in charge of their row of guys. Then those Squads make the Platoon, which then make the Company, which make the Battalion, which make the Brigade. If he was not a Squad leader from the beginning it means that someone got fired. Probably for not doing their job or for failing an aspect of inspections or something minor like that.

Be Proud!

Carla said...

You are doing good. I'm proud of you!!!!!!


Smurfy said...

Hang in there Tam, you know have always known that Chris would be in the military. It has been his dream for far to long. And we are all proud of him. Hugs and Smooches to all.


liberal army wife said...

squad leader, huh? he's doing really great! Oh, and so are you, hon.