Friday, September 5, 2008

Any weekend plans?

So anyone have big plans this weekend?

We have a full schedule starting tonight. Kyle is on the drum line for his high school band and they have their opening game tonight against their biggest rival. We will be there to cheer them on. Once upon a time we had a band member and a football player to cheer for at this game each year. Now that football player is a Soldier. We still cheer for him but not from the endzone.

Saturday, Devin has catcher's training and then a birthday party to attend. He has a friend spending the weekend so I doubt there will be much rest. And Sunday, my husband Mo and I have volunteered to help with the Freedom Walk that Operation Home Front is sponsoring. You can click on the link and see if there is a walk in your area.

I am also proud to announce that I am now a member of Blue Star Mothers of America. I am so honored to be a part of this organization. If you do not know the history of this group, go to their site and check it out.

I have been a bit frustrated (to put it mildly) today because we received a letter from Christopher and he said he had not gotten any mail. Excuse me? I write to him every day and I know that other's have written to him also. I was furious, I just knew that the mean ol Drill Sergeants were withholding his mail. I threatened to go to Ft. Knox and have a talk with these DS's. But thanks to some wonderful parents at GAP, I have been talked down off the ledge and now that I have calmed down I realized that we just got his address last Wednesday. I mailed his first letters on Thursday and Monday was a holiday. He wrote this letter on Sunday so there is no way that he could have received letters by then. I guess it just seems like he has been gone forever. He seemed a little down and swears he is starving. Way to put mom at ease there Christopher. LOL

GAP has been a lifesaver for me. Once you become a member there you become family. There is always someone that has been where you are at that moment and they are quick to answer your questions and there to let you know that they and their children survived this part and so will you and yours.

I hope everyone remembered to wear their red today. I will have mine on.

God Bless,



Carla said...

Got my red on at the request of you

Tonjia said...

It is so important to have a group of military parents to help you get through boot camp.

give those letters time, mom. they will probably all descend on him at the same time.

At BMT in the USAF the trainees have to earn their first letters...

you have a great weekend coming up with lots of fun things to do. I have to work. ick

Things happen 4 a reason...good or bad but u learn from both!!! said...

I am a little suprised that your letters have not got to him yet...i didt think it took that long for my letters to get to my cuz when he was at fort knox...but i do remember him saying that his drill sargents were makeing them do things to get there letters at first but hopefully he got them 2day or will get them monday...but u seem to have a fun weekend ahead of u so have fun!!!

Lisa J said...

Thank you for coming over to my blog. My nephew is in Iraq right now and hoping to be home Oct or Nov. We have heard to not be surprise if that changes. Oh, I will be surprised and not to happy either. He has been there nearly a year and he is ready to come home!

Your blog is very nice, it appears you have put quite a bit of time on it, you should be proud. My sister n law is a member of the Blue Star Mothers for her son n law is in the Marines. So not only her son, but son n law, that is a lot for one lady to endure. Thank you for the service you do too.

I hope your son does well in his training and you adjust to it all. That is a big undertaking, but I have a feeling if it can be done, YOU can do it.

Smurfy said...

Just dropping in to check on Chris. I check with your blog everyday to check on him. Hope everything else is going great.

Lots of hugs coming your way,