Saturday, September 20, 2008

Army Families ~ Army Strong

I watch alot of YouTube video's now. They all seem to have something to do with the Army. I wonder why? LOL. Tonight while I was looking around I found this one. I teared up immediately the Army theme song gets me every time, and cried till the end. Just thought I would share with all of you. Remember to scroll down and pause the music player.

We also got another letter from Christopher today. As of right now, they WILL have family day in October. Keeping my finger's crossed that nothing changes. He said that as soon as we check him out we have to take him to the PX for candy. Christopher never eats candy so this is new.

Have a great weekend and remember to Thank a Soldier, Airman, Marine or Sailor.

God Bless,


Carla said...

Love the footprint on the care package!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany said...

at least he's taking up eating candy and not drugs?? lol ;)

Tonjia said...


and speaking from experience there is NOTHING as emotionally powerful as being a military family..

Yay for the family weekend!