Friday, October 31, 2008

Christopher News

I have had several letters from Christopher this week. He seems to be enjoying no longer being in BCT and in his words "finally learning his real job". Most of his letters have the same subject, he wants a laptop with a web cam, can I take money out of his account and buy him a laptop with a web cam, will I please make sure to bring him his laptop with web cam. Honestly son, I got it the first three letters.
Gee I wonder if I should pick him up a laptop with a web cam? LOL
I thought that he had made the decision to go ahead and take his leave starting the day he graduated, but today I get a letter saying he has decided to straight ship on graduation day to Ft. Drum and then try to get leave once he processes in there. Someone at Ft. Knox gave him a 95% guarantee that he would be able to get leave once he got there. I hope they also gave him a guarantee that there would not be a gazillion feet of snow at Ft. Drum in Dec that may or may not affect his leave or at least guaranteed him that it would not cost him his first born child to buy a round trip plane ticket at the last minute during Christmas. No offense to the many wonderful blonde women out there ( I have been one on several occasions), but sometimes I think the boy should have been born a blonde girl. LOL
I know right now he has tunnel vision that says he must be home on Christmas Day and that if he took leave from graduation he would have to be at Ft. Drum a few days before that, but come on son at least you knew that way you would be home for a week. Now there is the possibility that we will get a very short time with him on graduation day and then will have to say goodbye right away.
Oh well, time to end the pity party here. We are off to watch our wildcats defend their undefeated streak and then watch Kyle head off to the homecoming dance with his sweetie Whitney. And then I guess I will start pricing laptops with web cams.

Have a great Halloween and weekend and DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!

God Bless

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Carla said...

Hey why don't you buy a laptop with a webcam