Sunday, October 19, 2008

Will the phone ever ring?

I really do hate to whine because I know that he is safe but, I am so tired of jumping everytime the phone rings only to find out that it is either a wrong number or it is someone calling to see if he has called. I promise if he calls I will be shouting from the rooftops, noone will be able to miss my excitement.
Christopher will finish the BCT portion of his OSUT next Friday. It has been a long time since I heard his voice and hopefully they will at least let him call next weekend. I have resigned myself to the fact that we will not be going to Kentucky next weekend and that we just have to continue to count the days until December when he graduates.
I have done a lot of reading on Ft. Drum and know they already have snow so I am sure come January it will be very cold. I sent Chris a letter and told him we would be buying him long johns for christmas. I think he will need them.
I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend.

God Bless:



Brittany said...

Ohhh I hope he calls! :)

joyce said...

Keep those cards and letters going to him, as I am sure they are encouraging to him. Hang in there. Does the post's website give you any idea what training he is doing each week? Then you can ask, for example, "how did rappelling go?" or "night navigation?" And are you including a stamped, self-addressed envelope so it is easy for him to write back? Just a thought. I hope you hear from him soon.

ABNPOPPA said...

What a great site. I really like the backgound. With you permission I would like to add you to my Mark 1:11 site and Conservative Outrage.

God Bless you and you son. May he always be safe from harm.

They call me Pops
Proud father of an 82nd Airborne Paratrooper

All the way, Sir!

Laura said...

Hang in there, I have been there done that three times with my three sons and they do finally find the time and are given the time to call. One of the things we did was make sure our phone service provided call forwarding, so our home number forwarded to our cells phones and then we never missed a call. We still keep it active because now two of the three sons are living away from us and it still comes in handy because you never know when they will call.
Sign me,
Laura, A Military Mom

Karen said...

I like your blog. My son is currently stationed at Ft. Drum, in fact he should be returning there any time now from deployment. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. My son has been at Ft. Drum for 4 years. Once he gets there, he'll need warm clothes. As my son would say, there's Army cold and then there's Ft. Drum cold. They are only about 20 minutes fromt he Canadian border.

Karen Proud Army Mom

ArmyReserveWife said...

Tami-I am not an Army mom, but an Army wife.

You could reach out to the ACS at Fort Drum they will connect you with Family Readiness. They can be a great support to you.

Praying for you!