Friday, October 10, 2008

Keeping it Real & the News of the Day.

First I need to retract a statement from yesterday. Christopher was never in a shoving match. This was misinformation on my part while trying to decifer letters from him. We now have more information and in order to keep it real here at Arkansas Army Mom I will tell you that it involved dirty clothes, a washing machine and spit.

Yes spit. Apparently this took place within a few weeks of being assigned to their troops. It seems that Chris was washing clothes, someone (we will call him trooper x. because I have no idea what his name is),from the other troop needed to wash clothes, therefore trooper x. removed Chris' clothes from the washing machine and deposited the wet clothes onto the floor. Upon finding said clothes on the floor and trooper x being overly amused at the clean up that was required, my son being the semi redneck that he was when he left opened the washing machine that held "trooper x's clothes and spit. Yep again I said spit. This is not something I am proud of and hopefully neither is Chris. But hey this is Arkansas Army Mom and I have to keep it real.

So you may ask yourself: self? What does it cost to spit in a washing machine? Hopefully self is up to date on these things and can tell you that it cost the exact same thing as removing wet clothes from a washing machine, dumping them on the floor and laughing while the clean up is in the process but, just in case self is not sure of the cost of these acts, then I will tell you that it cost $392.00, 15 days extra duty and NO FAMILY WEEKEND.

And since we are all friends here and I am so big on keeping it real, I will tell you that in my opinion that seems a little harsh. Do I think they deserved to be punished? YES. Do I think the punishment is a little over the top? YES. Have I ever walked in a Drill Sgt's shoes? NO. Will we survive this and go on to do bigger and better things? YES. Will my Soldier son think twice before he ever spits again? HOOAH!!!!! Yes he will.
I know that some will say that trooper x was in the wrong, I know other's will say Christopher was in the wrong. I will say they were both in the wrong, they both have been punished and done deal, over and out, case closed and Carry On Soldiers.

Now on to the news of the day.
I stalked ummm met the postman today at the mailbox and he was holding another letter from my Soldier. We now know where (as of Oct 7, but this is the Army and things can change) he will be going when he leaves the school of hard Knox or ummm Ft. Knox: Drum Roll please ~

Ft. Drum, New York ~ Home of the 10th Mountain Division.
Christopher has been assigned to the 10 Mountain Cav Unit.

I have only just begun to research this Unit and so far all I can say is: HARDCORE!!!!!!!!
I will post more this weekend once this new information has sunk in and I have been able to read more info. Until then I hope everyone has a great weekend. Remember to include our military members and their families in your prayers and if you happen to run into one of the brave souls during your journey's, pat them on the back, shake their hand and say THANK YOU.

God Bless:

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Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Tami...are you part of a support group like Blue Star Mom's? I think you should get in contact with someone from local chapter with questions about what has been going on & see if anything can be done with all this. I don't know where you are at or I would hlpe you get aholdof someone. Sending BIG Army Mom Hugs your way.