Saturday, January 9, 2010

A few pictures from Scout

My Scout

1st platoon 1-89 Cav Alpha Troop

Something told me to go ahead and get out of bed early this morning. I really was fighting hard to stay under the warm covers but after tossing and turning for over an hour I decided that 4:30 was at least 1 1/2 hours more than I got yesterday so I went ahead and got up.
Just by chance I checked IM and hello!!! there he was in the middle of typing a message to me. SCORE, the best way I can think of to wake up. And then just to make it a little better he told me to go check out his facebook for new pictures. I told him I had to share them here.
Hope everyone is having a good day. Scout shared some news with me that I can not wait to put up but he said I had to wait just a little longer so, sorry. LOL

I love you Scout

God Bless,
Cav Mom


AirmanMom said...

Woo-Hoo! So happy this day is excellent! To chat with Sccout and receive good news... I am happy for you! Much deserved!
Now, try to get some rest!!!!

Brittany said...

YAY! :) Great photos of your scout!!

Rie Rie said...

Awesome pictures. Glad you woke up early and got to chat with him!!

Bonnie said...

I'm thinking it was divine intervention nudging you to wake up. I'm so happy for you. Thanks for the pictures and update.

cool youth mama said...

Now you can't dangle that carrot out there like that and leave us hangin'!! Tell the good news when you can - def. worth getting up outta bed for @ 4:30am!! lol

ABNPOPPA said...


I am so happy you got to IM with your scout. Isn't that about the greatest thing a military parent could get (except maybe a hug). Been there done that.

Bless him and you.


Anonymous said...
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Sarge Charlie said...

The old sarge is waiting for the news. Happy mothers day, I think you may have a happy one this year.

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Adam said...

1st platoon Alpha troop 1-89 Cav used to be my platoon. I was the platoon leader on the last deployment. good luck come home safe.