Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time Flies

Oh wow, has it been this long since I have been here. Time really flies doesn't it?
So what have we been up to since January?

Kyles jr prom

D~man's 6th grade graduation

Scouts R&R

We spent a hot humid Arkansas summer watching the D~man play baseball and continue with his catchers training.

We also spent the summer falling in love with Kristen

We made it thru Scout's tour in Iraq and I am happy to say all 1-89 Cav are home safe and sound. Thank you Father God!!!!

Scout's promotion to Specialist. Way to go son, we are so proud of you!!!

Spent a week in NY with Scout and Kristen when he came back from Iraq

Managed to survive Kyle starting his senior year of High school and D~man starting jr high & jr high football

Did I leave anything out?????



I am now the proud mother of a married Scout and a beautiful daughter in law. Welcome to the family Kristen.

God Bless
Cav Mom


Sarge Charlie said...

congrats on the daughter mom, I love his uniform.

AirmanMom said...

It's so good to read your words once again. Such a sweet picture of a beautiful couple. May God bless their union. Congrats on becoming a MIL.