Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

She is blogging twice in one month??? I know it is kinda scaring me too... LOL

Since I am often at a loss on blogging material from Scout I have decided to try a new approach. I will be featuring different Scouts that I have come to know and love and maybe even some I do not know but will love shorty if I can get enough of these wild men to play my reindeer games with me.
If you have a Scout that you would like to see featured here on the old blog please shoot me an email and I will send you a questionaire and picture request. Everything posted will be OPSEC approved only.
I will also be asking for any goody box request and if anyone feels inclined to help with that I can inbox you my address where stuff can be sent. I have several wonderful victims ummm friends that have volunteered to help me pack and mail treats. I will put names in a hat and once a month send out a random goody box so get those names sent in.

I love you Scout

Cav Mom


Zainab said...
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ABNPOPPA said...


Don't feel bad about updating. I did the same thing when my son joined the 82nd. Having said that you have given me a wonderful idea. Jacob was discharged in October and I have not blogged since. I, like you have met many wonderful soldiers that continue to serve and that I am in contact with. I am going to start blogging about them as they continue to serve.

Thanks for the GREAT idea!


@Mark 1:11