Friday, January 14, 2011

OMG She has updated.

I really suck at this updating thing but to be honest it is not all my fault.
When I started this blog it was to keep everyone updated on our Scout and how things were going with him, then I found myself involved in things like OPSEC and Iraq and his favorite quote: "Can't really say anything right now mom". So to make myself feel better about my lack of post I will go on the record and say: I blame the Army and I blame the Scout, lol

Our Scout recently reinlisted for another 4 yrs and has decided to continue on in the land of Snow fondly refered to as Ft. Drum. I am not sure if this decision was based on his love of the 1-89 or if it is his new lets see if I can give my mom a heartattack and take up snowboarding hobby but it is what it is.

I know this is not much of an update but when I get the chance to talk with Scout his reply to whats up? normally is Not much. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend

I love you son,

Cav mom

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