Friday, February 18, 2011

PFC Buffalo

There is always more than one way to skin a cat... Not that I would ever really skin a cat but hey I am a Southern Girl and we are expected to say things like that.
When you can not get information concerning a certain Scout for a blog post from that certain Scout know that you can always call his mother. Especially when she is your seester.....
PFC Loren Buffalo aka Buff is my son squared.
He is with Bravo Troop 1/75 Cavalry BCT 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) try saying all of that 3 times fast. LOL
He is stationed at Ft. Campbell KY and is currently somewhere in a sandbox.
Buff is a local boy from Hot Springs and his mother and I became friends on the GO ARMY PARENTS. COM site right after my Scout had graduated from OSUT and Buff was starting. This friendship has moved in to the family catagory and we lovingly refer to each other as seester. We have spent alot of time laughing, hanging out, crying on each others shoulders. I helped introduce her to the Cavalry Mom life and she introduced me to the "Not your playground kickball." (it involves beer, costumes, dogs and more beer)
Buff loves rodeos, Louis L'Amour books, Western movies with Lonesome Dove being his favorite movie ever.

If anyone would like to send cards, goody items or love to Buff send me an email and we will make sure everything gets to him.
Love you son squared.
I love you Scout
Cav Mom

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