Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We have come a LONG way

Still a kid at heart.
Happy 1 year in the Army Christopher.
You will never know just how PROUD of you I am.
One year ago today I stood at the airport and said goodbye to my boy. He was a new recruit in the U.S. Army and was headed to Ft. Knox, Kentucky to begin OSUT with the hopes of becoming a Cavalry Scout.
I was filled with mixed emotions that day, proud that he was on the path to fulfilling his dream, sad that he would no longer be at home, scared of the unknown and terrified of what was to come.
Alot has happened in a year.
Chris is a Proud Cavalry Scout who is confident in himself and his training. Ready to do whatever is asked of him for his Country. He is a member of a highly trained team that he enjoys and has a chain of command that he gladly looks up to and respects.
I am an Army Strong Mom, who still goes thru the gauntlet of emotions on a weekly basis, still cries when she hears the Army theme song or see's an Army comercial on tv, but now it is more out of pride than fear. If you ever find yourself behind me on the road there is no doubt that I am a Army Mom. My license plate reads CavMom and my back windshield proudly displays the Cavalry Scout crossed Sabers and the proud Army Parent bumpersticker. Our front yard proudly host the American and Army flags and the front door holds my Blue Star Mother's banner. I never turn off the front porch light, he will always be able to see his way home. And I always wear my red on Fridays.
I want to say thank you to each of you that have been here to cheer our Scout on and keep me sane thru this first year, especially Airman Mom who has been here since the beginning, always with encouragement. She inspires me to be a better blogger each day.
God Bless each and everyone of you, our Military men and women and each of their Family members.
4 days till our Scout Sighting


AirmanMom said...

I thank you for your kind words, but truly you are an inspiration to me! It appears we are good for each other.
My thanks once again to your scout for his service and a warm thank you to you as well...
I am looking forward to the oodles and oodles of photos of your visit!!!

Citizen Soldier said...

The first year is the hardest. I remember my first year and now I am over 12 years. Time fly's when you are having fun.

ABNPOPPA said...

Awe shucks 'mom, you brought tears to my old hardnose Army dad eyes. You are an inspiration to all military parents just like AM.

Stay ARMY STRONG for your Scout, yourself and the rest of us who follow your blog.

Give him a firm handshake for me when he gets home and maybe even a hug, a manly one of course.

God Bless,


Brittany said...

WOW! One year already?! congratulations! Thanks for serving our country, Christopher!