Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Chris called me late last week and was in a really good mood, which means he wanted to talk and had something important to report.
I am pleased to announce that our Scout has been promoted to PFC.
It is hard to believe that in 13 days he will be celebrating his 1 yr anniversary as a Soldier. He has come a long way since this time last year and I for one could not be any prouder.
He is doing great and looking forward to Block Leave. I can't wait to see him, it has been 6 months since he was home and it will be quite awhile before he will be back after this leave period.
I am hoping we will have time while he is home to do another set of photos and to convince him to do a "guest blogger" spot for us.
Way to go Scout!!
Love, mom

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Sarge Charlie said...

Hooah Scout, job well done. You made your mama proud.