Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today's the Day

Scout Sighting Checklist:
Welcome Home Posters ~ Check
Favorite Foods in the house ~ Check
Camera batteries charged ~ Check
Truck gassed up ~ Check
Excited little brothers ~ Check
Mom on overload ~ Check
His plane lands is due in around 4:30 this afternoon. Do you think it is to early for me to head to the airport now? I am ready to see my Scout. For the next 10 days all will be right in my world.
I haven't really gone into much here due to OPSEC and still can not discuss to much but I feel it is safe to say that we are gearing up for the dreaded D word. Chris will be deploying in the next 2 months and it will be quite a while before he will be home again.
I asked him recently if he was ready. He responded "more than". I told him I was not and he laughed and said "you will be ok". We had almost the same conversation just a few days over a year ago and I think the responses were the same.
But enough about that.... Today is a day of celebration!!! Our Scout is coming home and we are going to enjoy every minute of the time he is here.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.
God Bless,

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AirmanMom said...

I'm catching up on my blog-reading...
Enjoy these moments with your son, no need to live in yesterday or tomorrow! Cherish each moment!