Saturday, December 13, 2008

The next step

I love these two shots from graduation. The theater was so dark that the pictures did not turn out great but I did get a few that I could save. Graduation was incrediable. I am happy that it was inside because Baby it was COLD outside. LOL
Before graduation they played a slide show of pictures from training. It was hard to pick out which Soldier was which in several but I was able to spot Chris in a few.
We were advised that Cavalry Scouts are a very "spirited" group and therefore screaming and cheering was not only appreciated but was expected during the ceremony. We all did our best to live up to those expectations.
The Guest Speaker was CSM Clarence J. Stanley. CSM Stanley's speech covered Cav Scout History and Tradition. It was very moving. He told the Soldiers how proud he was of each of them and made sure that the audience understood just what they had accomplished.
I loved seeing all the Stetsons and Spurs during graduation and can not wait till Chris is able to wear them.
We were able to spend about 2 hours at the airport with Chris before he had to fly out to Ft. Drum and it is incredible to see how the boy that we watched leave less than 4 months ago has become such a man.

A very happy Cav Scout.
I have talked to him a few times since he arrived at Ft. Drum and he sounds great even though it was -9 degrees this morning. I haven't talked to him today (Christopher if you are reading this; call your mom, she gave birth to you.)
He said the Scouts in his troop have been great since he got there and are helping him get settled. We did find out that he would not be home for Christmas, and I hate that he will not be here but I am glad that we can finally have phone contact again. He will be home on leave in Feb, so I will just have to wait until then.
My darling husband found me one of those plug in thingies (technical term) that allowed me to plug my laptop into the phone charger doodad (another tech term) in the truck so I was able to entertain myself on the trip home changing the layout and look of the blog. Hope you enjoy. I am off to catch up on laundry and unpacking.
Have a great weekend.


joyce said...

Yeah !! Hooah !! Great pictures.

I am sorry he won't be home for Christmas, but I am glad he can call more now.

Brittany said...

Wonderful pictures!!!

Congratulations, to your family and your soldier! :)

ABNPOPPA said...

Did I read you right! 9 Degrees, Brrrr!

Isn't it wonderful to see them all decked out,so proud and serious!

I like the new layout and colors.


Smurfy said...

I am sorry to hear that Chris will not be home Christmas. And I am glad it isn't me up there with -9 degree temps. I freeze here, up there I would be a popsicle. LOL Tell Chris we love him and hope to see him when he comes home in Feb.

Love yall,

Karen said...

I say this once again. Welcome to the family of Ft. Drum's 10th Mountain Division. Yes it get mighty cold out there. As my son would say, there's Army cold and then there's Ft. Drum cold.

I would tell my son to keep an eye out for your son, but tomorrow morning he'll be on his way home.

Ft. Drum has a good record and good experience men. You're son will be in good hands. The FRG is pretty good out there. Please keep me posted.