Thursday, December 18, 2008

In Processing

I talked to Christopher for a few minutes last night and since he is still doing his In Processing, he will not have a full work day until next Monday. So I asked him what he did with his time in between paperwork and equipment issue.
Yesterday he spent a good bit of his time sitting on top of a humvee involved in a snow ball fight and then the rest of the afternoon he helped build snowmen. LOL
I am so glad that he is finally able to relax and have some fun. He was so tense after OSUT and I was worried that he would take awhile to adjust to being away from home. He has made several new friends and is even spending Saturday with some of the other Cav Scouts learning to snow board. Should I be worried?

I know that they have several training trip's coming up in the new year to prepare them for deployment towards the end of 2009 so I guess I will just keep my mouth shut and let him enjoy what down time he will have.
Have a great Thursday


AirmanMom said... good to hear of Christopher's down time!
You may borrow my attitude: if I don't worry, who will? :)
stay strong!
pray hard!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Smurfy said...

I am so glad to hear he able to have a little fun before all the work sits in. You shouldn't be worried about him learning to snowboard, remember how he took so easy to riding? well it will be just as easy for him to take to this. LOL

Love ya.

onstone said...

Plenty of snow on the way. Big snow storm forecast for tomorrow.
Condition normal for Drum.