Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WOW!!! Where do I start?

It has been so long since I was able to sit down and blog. I guess the best place to start is close to where we left off.
We had planned to fly to New York to visit with Scout before his deployment but, then he told me that there were some things he wanted to send home so we decided to drive.

Almost there, the trip wasn't to bad. We drove straight through and other than trying to keep four people comfortable in a vehicle for 22 hours, we did ok. The leaves were starting to turn and it rained most of the time we were there but Ft. Drum was beautiful.

We visited Niagra Falls in the rain. It was amazing and I suggest anyone headed that way take the Boat Tour out into the falls.

Took Family Pictures, lots and lots of family pictures.

Toured Ft. Drum and stopped by to visit the Climb To Glory monument of a WWII Veteran giving a helping hand to a 10th Mountain Soldier. This monument is surrounded by plaques listing the many campaigns that the 10th Mtn has been involved in and many show the names of Soldiers that died during those campaigns. As Scout said "we were on holy ground".

And then it was time to say
Be Safe Scout and come home soon!!!!
It is official, we are a deployed family.
I have so many mixed feelings about this but, most of all I feel :
I am Proud of my Scout, the entire 1-89 Cav Unit and all of the Men and Women that are protecting our freedom and giving freedom to others.
I am afraid of what he is going through and what could happen,
Faith that God has a plan for our Scout and he has not come to the end of his path here, faith in Scouts chain of command, that will make sure these young
Heroes are the best trained unit out there and faith in my Scout, who will do the best job possible and always stay true to himself.
Stay Safe Scout and all of our 1-89. We will be here waiting!!!


Brittany said...

Beautiful post! I will be praying!!

Sarge Charlie said...

very nice post mom........

ABNPOPPA said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and the Scout. Been there, done that, own the T-Shirt, no fun. You will be surprised how much you learn about a country you most likely never knew existed a short lifetime ago.

Keep the faith,