Monday, March 2, 2009

All Good things must come to an end.

Early morning trip to the airport
Last few minutes with the lil brothers

Saying good bye to mom
We put Chris on a plane yesterday morning and sent him back to the land of Snow aka Ft. Drum.
Chris enjoyed 60 and 70 degree weather while he was home until Saturday night when all of a sudden we were hit with about an hours worth of sleet and snow. I couldn't help but wonder if the snow from Ft. Drum had come looking for him. LOL.
For a short few weeks things were back to normal again and nothing or noone was missing from our home. It was great to wake up in the morning and see him there sleeping and to hear his voice through out the day.
Several things stick out in my mind when I think about his time at home.
The look on his face when he caught sight of us at the airport.
His laugh when the whole family went to see Jeff Dunham live.
The little boy that stopped and saluted him as he was walking out of the store.
Watching him and Kyle sit across from each other and play the same game on their laptops.
Hearing him talk about his team and how proud he is to be a Cav Scout.
Listening to him make up songs to make us all laugh.
The minute his best friend Matt walked in the door.
Taking him and Matt to get tattoos and letting Chris talk me into getting my nose pierced. OUCH!!
Visiting Devin's class and seeing his classmates clapping for Chris.
Watching him tuck his little brother in at night.
There are so many more but if I continue I will need to find more kleenex.
I am not going to say that it was easier to see him leave but, it wasn't harder. He was ready to get back to his routine and he enjoys what he does. There is no way I would ever stand in his way.
I hope everyone is having a great week. Remember our Military Members and their families in your prayers each night.
God Bless,

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